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Private dental office located in Geneva.
Implantology, Periodontology,
Aesthetic dentistry.

Let’s give you a perfect smile

SwiTeeth Sourire
SwiTeeth Logo White

Private dental office located in Geneva.
Implantology. Periodontology.
Aesthetic dentistry.

Let’s give you a perfect smile

SwiTeeth Sourire

Experience top notch dentistry, with our specialized dentists and their team.
We offer a personalized solution, in a trusting and friendly atmosphere,
using the latest technologies.
Our best reward is your smile.

SwiTeeth - Artwork by Paxal

Aesthetic dentistry

From dental whitening to laminated veneers, we create smiles looking so natural that everyone will notice without knowing exactly why…
We use 100% biocompatible materials and ultra conservative micro dentistry techniques.


The key to healthy gum is prevention!
Microsurgical techniques allow to treat the retractions of the gums and bones and thus preserve your teeth for the rest of your life.

Implant therapy

When we have no other choice than to extract a tooth, we need to replace it. And the best way to do so is to use an implant. We make it fit so perfectly that you will forget it’s an implant. That’s our specialty. Everything is done through innovative protocols to reduce the number of interventions. We remove a tooth, we put an implant in and a provisional tooth, all in one session! Our goal is your comfort.

Our prosthetics are 100% Swiss made.

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Dr Jacques Cheylus

SwiTeeth - Dr Jack Cheylus

Specialist for implant therapy and aesthetic dentistry

“My philosophy is to take care of you as if I were taking care of a family member. That’s how I decide how to proceed.”

Specialist for periodontology and restorative dentistry

“I work every day with the well-being of my patient at heart. I give 100% and try to do the best job possible. My job is a passion.”

Dr Maëva Werle

SwiTeeth - Dr Maëva Werlé

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What are our patients saying

Marine F

Marine F

Warm welcome, top notch technology, very friendly team. I highly recommend Dr Werlé and her team.

Sophie M

Sophie M

I have known Dr Cheylus for 10 years. When I was 25, he changed both my smile and my life when he used a veneer to repair a tooth I broke when I was a child. Dr Werlé took over afterwards. I highly recommend their team. They are highly professional, available and...

Marie M

Marie M

I have known Dr Werlé for a while and I trust her 100%. I referred many of my friends to Dr Werlé and have a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her.

SwiTeeth – Dr Cheylus Jacques

Avenue Cardinal-Mermillod 1
1227 Carouge GE
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Tel: +41 22 343 84 62
E-mail: accueil@switeeth.com

Opening hours: by appointment.
Telephone secretary: 9am – 1pm / 2pm – 6pm.

Languages: english, french, polish, german.

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