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Our technologies

Intra oral scanner

For greater precision and comfort, the digital scans are taken with a camera that records a 3D image, which we transmit to our laboratory for any prosthetic or implant planning.

Digital smile design

We can create the smile of your dreams. We first create it digitally together, then it becomes your reality.
SwiTeeth - Digital Smile Design
SwiTeeth - Digital Smile Design

3D X ray

Our cone beam CT allows us to take extremely precise images with very little radiation.
It is a major tool we use in diagnostic and treatment planning.
SwiTeeth - Radiographie 3D


We will always wear our magnifying glasses to provide quality work with a minimally invasive approach.
SwiTeeth - Grossissement optique

Dental Photography

The best way to show you your teeth and the work done, you will often see us with a camera in hand, so say cheese.
SwiTeeth - Photographie dentaire


To ensure better healing, we use PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) process. Before surgery, we take a blood sample. The tubes pass through a centrifuge that allows us to recover a concentrate of your platelets and white cells (cells that support immune defence and contain growth factors) as a clot. We use it on the wound to boost and improve healing, mostly in wisdom tooth extraction, implant therapy or perio surgery. It is cellular engineering at your service.

Digital implant planning

It allows us to create surgical guides, designed for each surgery using the 3D scan and the impression of the teeth with the intra oral scanner. We match both of them and then create a guide that helps us accurately place the implants.
SwiTeeth - Planification digitale implantaire

Evidence based dentistry

All our procedures comply with the latest recommendations based on formal scientific evidence. We are constantly learning because methods and technologies are constantly evolving.
SwiTeeth - Evidence base dentistry

Sterilization and asepsis

A strict protocol regarding sterilization allow us to work under the best conditions.

Our treatments

Aesthetic dentistry : tooth whitening and veneers

To enhance your smile, we follow a therapeutic gradient :
First, we whiten your teeth with safe products,. You’ll only need a few sessions to see the change.

If a few minor defects need to be corrected in your smile, we carry out restorations in composite resins using stratification techniques.

To really create a perfect and completely natural smile, the best solution is veneers, a ceramic shell a few tenths of a millimetre thick that is assembled with adhesive technics to the tooth. Coupled or not with an intervention on the gums for a perfect alignment, we can match your dream.

We also replace old dental restorations and amalgam fillings and with biocompatible aesthetic resins or 100% ceramic restorations (inlays / onlays / crowns).

We do not use any metals in our restoration techniques

SwiTeeth - Esthetique du Sourire
SwiTeeth - Esthetique du Sourire


Many people suffer from gum problems without necessarily being aware or it. Do your gums bleed? Are they retracting? If they do, please give us a call and make an appointment.

Don’t wait. They can lead to long-term issues.
Our procedures allow you to keep our teeth longer. In the past we had to remove them.

To treat gum retractions or periodontal diseases, we use techniques ranging from root surface scaling, to micro-surgery therapies , or even periodontal regeneration and cosmetic gum surgery.

Come and ask for the opinion of a specialist.

SwiTeeth - Parodontologie
SwiTeeth - Parodontologie

Implant therapy and oral surgery

Are you missing a tooth? The best way to replace it is to use an implant. It is an artificial root on which a crown is then fixed, it is 100% similar to a natural tooth.

Procedures are now very easy thanks to innovative protocols : the tooth is removed, the implant and a temporary tooth are placed, all in one session ! A real breeze.

You won’t even be able to remember which tooth is an implant and which tooth is really yours.

We also perform any bone reconstruction procedure before implant placement when necessary.

All the materials we use are fully biocompatible and designed to ensure the best functional and aesthetic outcomes.

SwiTeeth - Implantologie et Chirurgie OraleDo you need your wisdom teeth removed? An included tooth that your orthodontist could place on the arcade? A frenectomy? We are ready for any procedure, whether it is simple or complex.
SwiTeeth - Implantologie et Chirurgie Orale
SwiTeeth - Implantologie et Chirurgie Orale

Dental Protection

Do you clench or grind your teeth and it damages them? Do you have joint pain and your jaws are slamming?

Are you an athlete in need of a mouth guard?

Do you suffer from sleep apnea and it affects your quality of life and is bad for your health?

We design custom-made dental protection / splint that will suit each situation.

SwiTeeth - Protection Dentaire

Orthodontics aligners

Orthodontics at any age are easy. Transparent invisible aligners, will improve aesthetics and chewing.
SwiTeeth - Orthodontie Invisible

Dental Emergencies

Nothing is worse than dental pain. Our team will see you as soon as possible. We are committed to do everything we can with preventative care, thus avoid urgent care in the future.
SwiTeeth - Urgences Dentaires

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